Who We Are

At the heart of every experience is the story.

We are living in a time when people want to engage with and to tell stories. A time when people want to experience information and knowledge, not simply be told what to think or feel or buy.

Project Fable is an African Insights and Content Design company that helps tell brand stories, in the best way possible, on the most appropriate platform: whether it is an user-experience, a website, a coffee table book, a web or television series, a print or digital magazine, a podcast, event, or a club.

We also consult on campaigns, initiatives and projects ‘sense checking’ direction in relation to who you are speaking to.

We are based in Johannesburg with a network throughout sub-Saharan Africa, in particular Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, DRC and Southern Africa.

Project Fable bridges the gap between brands, culture and content. We are the conduit that creates a perfect synergy between all the creative, commercial, and cultural touch points – in order to create brand traction.

Traditional advertising is evolving. The model has been totally disrupted. The way forward is for brands to contribute to culture and, in return, to be allowed to exist with the culture.

It’s all about doing good, and through storytelling, mentoring, workshops, and other CSR-related events, we create a pan-African system of authentic content production, as well as live insight/research program.